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Aug 22, 2018

New Village Center Proposed for French Creek

Jul 06, 2018

French Creek Trails - Estuary Parkland Survey


In our quest to get the parkland supported by the public, a survey was created by VIU as an independent party to ascertain the level of use now and in the future.  If you haven’t already seen the survey, I encourage you to take it.  PQB News ran a piece on it, FCRA & FFCCS have circulated it to their members so I apologize if you’ve already been bombarded by it!



Purpose of the FFCCS Park survey:

The purpose of this survey is to discover: (a) your current use of the French Creek estuary lands (located off Hwy 19A between Columbia Drive and French Creek and its estuary) and (b) your opinion on the potential formation of a public park.

This information will be used to create a final report of the community’s perspective on the area. It will help to determine if preserving some of these lands as public park is in the interest of the community. This report, developed by the Friends of French Creek Conservation Society (FFCCS), will be on the Society’s website by Sept. 1, 2018 for public display.

“We as a community have a rare opportunity to protect, reclaim and enhance valuable environmentally sensitive land within Oceanside for all to enjoy for years to come,” says FFCCS member Trevor Bowles. “Please go online to take the survey (link here), from June 27th to July 16th. It’s only 10 questions and it will take less than 10 minutes. Plus, there’s an opportunity to provide comments.

“We want ALL of your opinions. We want your ideas.”


Jun 12, 2018

Tree Survey!

You might have seen the orange ribbons on the trees out front.  We surveyed the trees on the campground (Lee Rd. & 19A) so we can plan our roads and buildings around as many of them as possible!  We are hoping wind our road through the forest, between the trees.  

We want to keep the old ones and make sure they're all safe.

May 09, 2018


French Creek Residents Association AGM

We have kindly been offered an opportunity to present our development concept and field some questions.

Apr 26, 2018

4-6 & 7-9

Charrette: Community Design Event

We invited the community to come see and talk to our design team about the development at French Creek House

Presentation material from the event is available here.

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More details:


April 26, 2018: Design charrette held at the Harbour Grill in French Creek

Download PDFs from the  event:

Sketch Plan:

Trails, Village Core & Estuary Estates

Air photo:

French Creek, Isld Hwy, Marina

Architectural Precedent Board

Landscape Precedent Board

RDN Official Community Plan:

French Creek

Architectural Sections:

Mixed Use Buildings

Architectural Sections:

Mixed Use Buildings

May 9th, 2018: French Creek Residents Association AGM

Presentation Material:

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