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Connected community, Comfortable living, & A gathering place.
A holistic approach to designing the heart of the community
Update, August 2018:
This project has been well received and has inspired local businesses as well residents.  The designs have iterated into a very usable, intelligent and creative space, preserving the integral parts of the estuary and providing amenities as well as several forms of housing.  We are nearing submission of our rezoning package and it has come time to share what people can expect in our proposal and the adjoining Columbia Beach for Elkay.
This application is complex and multifaceted. We have had numerous discussions with the RDN, EPCOR and MOTI to work out details such as access, services, public trails, etc. and to ensure the application goes smoothly.  In addition, we have been in close contact with the French Creek Residents Association [FCRA] and Friends of French Creek Conservation Society [FFCCS] during our planning to ensure there is acceptance for the various concepts
Please have a look through the elements and see what is included in the rezoning and development permit applications.
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