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The Regional District of Nanaimo Official Community Plan envision French Creek Village as the ‘node’ central gathering place for the surrounding neighbourhoods

  • Current Zoning is CM6Q:

    • Supports Resort Strata which is seasonal and does not result in a vibrant center year round.

    • Supports Retail, Neighbourhood pub, and Restaurant

  • OCP supports 4 storeys, but more would be considered, however zoning restricts building height to 8m (2 storeys).​

  • OCP supports a residential density transfer from the West side of French Creek to the East side of French Creek


We want to create a place where people, activities and services cater to the residents of the area - An attractive and interesting place year round.  An application to change the zoning is being compiled along with development permits.  In addition, some elements the community have asked for are being considered as part of the development package.


  • OCP, Improving Mobility:

    • Map below shows desired trail network

    • Trails skirt FCH property

  • OCP, Nodal Communities:

    • "An off-street pedestrian and cyclist linkage connecting Lee Road to Columbia Drive must be provided. “

For more details on the trails, visit

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