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The jewel in the crown of French Creek are the green spaces that exist today which include the Estuary.  To protect them, a conservation area has been designated. Some paths have been made through the bushes, we would like to formalize a network and secure the remainder of this precious green resource.

Elkay Developments Ltd. has released several sketches showing where development will be taking place and what size of building is planned.  Circled in orange is the Elkay site surrounded by protected estuary lands.

FCTpreApp no ano 2.JPG

Elkay Phase 1:

Common area or garden

with trail connection

9 Single family houses, 1-2 stories

Elkay 1
Elkay 2

Elkay Phase 2:

Layout not complete, will be

  • Single family homes

  • Duplex

  • 1-2 Stories

Greenspace to be protected:

  • Lagoon

  • Estuary lands

Ownership & Management will be determined with input from FCRA, FFCCS and RDN

Connecting the community

  • Public use trails

Ownership & Management will be determined with input from FCRA, FFCCS and RDN


Over French and Morningstar Creeks:

Connected Communities

Trails Networks Through the Estuary:

  • Accessible primary network

  • Chip or gravel

  • Boardwalks through wet or sensitive areas

Trail construction allows protection of sensitive zones by keeping pets and foot traffic to the designated areas.

Education, Awareness and Public Outreach:

Trails and protected areas can be used for educational purposes


  • First nations history and teachings

  • Flora education

  • Bird and fish education

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