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For Immediate Release

Issued: August 16, 2018

Media Contact: Quinn Griesdale


A new public gathering place, connected to adjacent neighbourhoods by trails meandering through extensive park and green space, is being proposed for French Creek.  The project, which is nearing its submission for rezoning, includes the remainder of the undeveloped Columbia Beach property and the redevelopment of the French Creek House site. 

The proposal does not increase density above what is currently allowed but shifts it to the French Creek House site to be able to significantly increase the amount of park and greenspace along both French Creek and Morningstar Creek.  The French Creek Residents Association and Friends of French Creek Conservation Society have collaborated with French Creek House Ltd. to setup the means to protect the greenspace. The housing planned for Columbia Beach will only be 1 to 2 story single family with some side-by-side duplexes, like the surrounding neighborhood.  A wider range of housing types and sizes are proposed throughout the rest of the site.

The plan below shows that: approximately half of the Columbia Beach site will be park and green space; protected green space along both French Creek and Morningstar Creek; an extensive interconnected trail network; and the main development focused on the French Creek House site.

FCV Complete.jpg

Figure 1. The proposed French Creek Village has significant protected greenspace (in green) and a trail network (in dark green).  Two different housing types are proposed in the core: townhouses and 3 to 5 story condominiums (in purple).   On the Columbia beach side, Elkay Developments Ltd. (circled in orange in orange) have planned single family housing with a few side-by-side duplexes.

The Village is designed to be a gathering place for residents of the surrounding area first but will also attract people from the Parksville and Qualicum Beach areas as well as tourists.  A wide range of shops and services are planned ranging from coffee shop, bakery, restaurant and hairstylist to medical, dental and retail.  The development will include a new home for the French Creek Marine pub and other existing businesses.

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